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I have been working with the 1-2-3 lending for two years now, and words cannot express the gratitude I have. Their professionalism, knowledge and genuine thoughtfulness given is truly unmatched. I have to say that since I've met Karen and Michael, it has transformed the way I do business. I highly recommend 1-2-3 lending.

Noel Parnell, KS Investments & Acquisitions LLC

I have been working with Karen, and it has been an absolute pleasure! She is very attentive and responds immediately. I would prefer working with 123 lending before any other lender. She goes above and beyond working with her clients. They are very easy to get in contact with, responds to texts, phones calls and emails immediately, very polite and understanding. During the process of sending her potential candidates, she doesn’t hesitate to get the pre-Approval over ASAP. The process is extremely easy, and the application is straight forward. I’ve personally used 123 lending for several projects. If you’re looking to deal with an easy-going lender that moves quickly and responds to all your questions, concerns and needs, these are the people you need to work with. Karen is very knowledgeable throughout the entire process and has experience herself with flips. I’ve also had a ton of experience with Michael, and he’s been just as great. It just shows that 123 lending provides an amazing lending experience because of the people you work with in the process.

Jeremiah Serrano, Home Optics Contractors, LLC

I am a seasoned Real Estate Agent and developer of 19 years in Philadelphia and surrounding areas. I have never used a "Hard Money Lender" before. I was a little nervous, at first, to see how it all worked. It was a great surprise at how easy it was to get a loan pretty quickly. Karen and Mike made the whole experience so simple. I am working with them on my second loan now and hopefully many more. I give them a 5 star review from beginning to end.

Danielle Lawless, Keller Williams Realtor, Busy Girl Development LLC

Thank you so much for assisting in our project! We both appreciate the trust and confidence you placed in us for this business transaction. The process for obtaining the loan was easy for us. Timing was key in order to close the initial deal with the seller. You enabled us to close on the loan in a very expedient fashion.

Amy Lahoda, 2013 Property Group, LLC

I just want to say how great it is working with Mike and Karen. They couldn't be easier to work with. When we need a loan, it gets funded within two weeks; this is why we go back to them as often as needed and it makes our business run more efficiently.

Jim Czerniak, Tri-State Property Solutions, LLC

I have worked with 1-2-3 lending for the past several years. My experience with them has been professional on all transactions. Also, being very proficient with the market, they are lending for both acquisition and value after rehab. 1-2-3 lending is definitely a lender to have in your power team when seeking properties to fix and flip.

Joseph V. Scorese, Senior Loan Officer, Firstrust Bank

In a landscape now dotted with distant online and institutional lenders, it's a welcome pleasure to work with real people who aren't just local, they are responsive, and they "get it". Karen and Michael have found a unique way to blend a professional approach and process with a "Mom & Pop" feel. Each loan we do together is its own testimonial.

Shelley Cutler, Excel Real Estate Solutions, LLC

1-2-3 lending is a pleasure to do business with. They are quick and responsive; their rates are reasonable, but most importantly, they are flexible which is especially important because no loan or situation is identical.

Joe Downs, Managing Director, 1210 Capital

Working with Karen and Michael was definitely so much easier, we were able to get the money fast and close on the deal... 'easier' is the key. A lot of times when you have all that paperwork to fill out and 'hoops' to go through, your deal can actually 'run away', but with Karen and Michael, you are actually talking to the lender. We are definitely very grateful because they gave us the opportunity to start working.

Joelina Diaz and Marjorie Negron, Managers and Real Estate Investors in New Jersey

The process has been great. Everything has gone so smoothly. From Day One, when I called Karen, she went through everything on the phone and really broke it down. They've been real easy to deal with; they're investors themselves, so they know what they are doing, and they know what it's like on my end.

Bill Vargus, VQ Properties, LLC

As first-time flippers and immigrants, we were prisoners by the analysis paralysis and by the limited cash to start up. However, after knocking many doors, we met Karen and Mike. Who, besides funding our first project, they guided and follow-up our steps, recommending their attorney, flooring guy, risk insurance companies, alarm system, and many more. Truly mentors. We don't have words to express how grateful we are of you. Thanks for giving us the opportunity of doing this flip. Now we are confident and determined to do several this year. We highly recommend 123lending.

Ana, Edwin & Carlos, Olivo Handy Services, LLC

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